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How to open lockers in middle school?

Jan 27, 2016

 In the face of a large number of schools with locker,you probably want to open your locker in the fastest way. Rest assured, Practice makes perfect.The following is the way that how to open lockers in middle school(Note: the following methods will not be useful for those with different or special locks. ).

   How to open lockers in middle school?Remember your password of lock.Turn right at least three times (clockwise) in order to clear the number before the lock. If you mess up during the combination of numbers, then please to do again.

   How to open lockers in middle school?Enter your number. Rotate the number plate to the right, stop at the first number of the password, and then turn right.For the second number, we have to rotate the dial on the left, and turn the "0" and the first number of your password, and then stop at the time of the second digits of the password.For some of the unusual or special lock,if you do not open the locker after the correct input for three numbers, please try to rotate the left and stop when you enter the second digits, and then enter the next number.For your third number, please turn the number plate to the right and go straight to the third number, and then don't touch it again. Please keep in mind the order of the lock: right, left, right.

   How to open lockers in middle school?Open a lock.Please pull the lock, thus making it open a lock.If the lock has a bolt or handle, then open it.Otherwise, we have to press and hold the button to open the locker.

   How to open lockers in middle school?After using,wWe need to lock the locker.Accurately, if you have a storage cabinet has a separate lock, leave the time must be locked to the locker. Otherwise, something in your locker is likely to be stolen or locked away.After the lock to rotate slightly dial - if you are not upset the order password lock, you left, then lock is really is a doddle (other people besides you).

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