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How to mount shelves?

Jan 27, 2016

Now,many young people like online shopping, especially the intense pace of work in urban white-collar workers. There is no time to go to supermarkets and other stores essence carry fine anthology, I am no exception. Now eat and drink Lazard as long as can be resolved on the Internet.A lot of people basic in online purchasing.Recently in the online purchase I bought a set of shelves.How to mount shelves? Now this article put my DIY shelf experience for everyone to share.

     Storage rack installation before the need to clean up the installation site, testing site safety to understand the installation of the road transport, power supply, etc..

    Read the instructions carefully and figure out how to  mount shelves. First of all, we need the tool kit and the rack assembly parts.

   First, according to their own needs in the online purchase of their own models of the shelves, waiting for delivery.After receiving the delivery of the goods, we need to open the outer packaging inspection, look at the parts are complete? If not complete, you can reject.Determine the parts are complete, we can begin to assemble their own shelves. Second, you need to carefully look at the installation instructions, sort out the installation sequence.Then we can start the installation column, the first pad mounted to the column. Then install the top layer and the bottom of the triangle, with a screwdriver to install the triangle to the column. But do not tighten the screws, the line on the line.

    Then we install the top and bottom of the load bearing plate. Also with a screw to be able to, do not tighten too tight.Next we will intermediate bearing plate is obliquely into the middle, according to our needs into the right position. Then also use screws to triangular piece, a bearing plate and the column to band together. Still don't want to screw too tight.Finally, the shelf stand up, against the wall to maintain the vertical, from bottom to gradually tighten the screws, screws are tightened after we hands shaking shelf see shelf stable.If no problem, we can start using their own hands-on assembled shelf.

     Must be based on their specific needs to choose the appropriate model of the shelf. In the delivery of the time, must be on the spot inspection, check to see if the accessories are not complete,if it is not complete, then you can reject.In the end, you should know how to mount shelves?

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