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How to make use of abandoned shopping trolleys?

Jan 26, 2016

People often put their children in shopping carts when shopping in the supermarket, and sometimes even some adults will sit in the shopping cart to rest, apparently in this case, the shopping cart has played a role in furniture.But how to make use of abandoned shopping trolleys?French design using abandoned shopping trolleys designed a series of shopping cart chair,it can be used in indoor and outdoor, and it is very convenient to move.

   How to make use of abandoned shopping trolleys?The service life of the shopping cart are usually only a dozen years,when they died, these abandoned shopping trolleys will be handled as a waste.Xavier redesigned the abandoned shopping trolleys.e launched a series of shopping cart chair which named Kart by Degueldre.These chairs retained the shopping cart wheels and the vehicle leg,and for different use scenarios and the use of the crowd, he carried out the transformation of the body.He added the function of the arm, back and other furniture, and even can be added to the mat, so that the chair to sit more comfortable. 

   How to make use of abandoned shopping trolleys?A shopping cart that was already a waste was redesign by designer.it turn waste into treasure.Prices range from a few hundred euros to thousands of euros, you can view the specific price and specifications of the designer website.
   Home life will inevitably have some junk to throw away, some did not use value,but if put them away, we will feel it is a pity.We can still use them up,new scenes replacing the old,to create another new item.
   Classification of waste materials:
1, conventional waste items: refers to waste newspapers, bottles (seasoning bottles, beverage bottles), packaging boxes, etc., characterized as a large number of the processing price is low, the processing cycle is short.
2, unconventional waste items: refers to the old furniture, electrical appliances, equipment, tooling, small household appliances, etc., are characterized by: the number is small, the variety is miscellaneous, processing unit price is high, the processing cycle is long.

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