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How to install shelves?

Jan 26, 2016

There is a bookshelf at home, we can leisurely look at the books, listen to music, even if it's just looking at the scenery outside the window in a daze,it must have been a very enjoyable thing.But how to install shelves?The following are a few installation method of?shelves.

   How to install shelves?---Hanging

   Hanging bookshelf lit our life,white shelves with colorful books will be the most beautiful in the room,and the decorative style is more taste!First of all,the boards are assembled with screws.Then use a ruler to measure the distance between the two holes on the back;Controlling size,find the exact spot and mark it on the wall.When we are using electric drill to punch in well marked place,we must keep the drill to a little tilt;please put the tube type expansion screw beat hole,let it flush with the wall,at the same time, please screw the screws to the expansion pipe,and set aside screw head about 5mm,which  is convenient to hang on the wall;Finally, it can be hung on the wall, you need to pay attention to the hanging buckle up and down the points.   

   How to install shelves?---One font

   Before installation,it needs to measure the horizontal position with the level gauge or the plate.Then, please stand vertically on the wall,make a mark in the drilling place with a pencil.Drill the hole with a diameter,the diameter of the hole is 6mm-8mm,put the plastic expansion screw into the hole with a hammer,finally, let the iron pipe on the alignment of expansion pipe, tighten the self tapping screw, put on the board, which is installed well.

   How to install shelves?---wall mounting type

   Installation method for hanging wall shelf,ifrst, we measure the distance between the two holes of the shelf.Then, mark the installation position on the wall,drill a hole with an electric drill then install good expansion pipe, the next step,it will install the screws and adjust the length of the screw.Finally, we install the shelf separator, adjust the good position on it.
   How to install shelves?---Water pipe type.

   First,we use the iron base set and mark the position of the holes,according to the size of the expansion screw, we punch at a fixed point,the depth of drilling is deeper than expansion screws for 2mm.Then,please put the particles arranged in the hole,then, we should try to install the expansion screw into the expansion particles see if it is strong,finally, we put the iron base put into the hole, the installation is complete.

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