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How to hang shelves without nails?

Jan 26, 2016

Do you know how to hang shelves without nails?

   Maybe you can hang shelves with nail,but if there are not nails,how to hang shelves without nails?

   The first solution about how to hang shelves without nails: using a wooden shelves which is designed by a Denmark Japan citizen designer Yukari Hotta, although it is simple but it is still beautiful, modelling and it has no special place, this kind of shelf assembly does not need any metal parts and wooden wedge is enough for it, and the characteristics of the shelf is easy to transportation.

   The second method about how to hang shelves without nails: If the wall is a hard smooth surface, you can use the vacuum suction type rack.If there is a concave convex surface ,you can use the glue to hang it.

   The third method about how to hang shelves without naisl: You can make a frame to fix it.

   But actually without a nail or hole in the wall of the case can not place a shelf.

The method is as follows:
   1, determine the installation location. Make a mark on a pencil.
   2, after using a drill punch mark area, the rack by screws and expansion screw fixation is ok. To determine the maximum bearing capacity of shelf in place before.

   And let me teach you a method about hang a picture without nails.
   1, dipping. From the top surface, you should put down a vertical suspension or a decorative rope, chain, etc., the painting will be lifted,and at the same time hanging a picture or painting can be, it looks chic and without space constraints. It also can be used to nail the ceiling of the foot line, and then use the fish wire at the height of their own requirements to hang up the painting.
   2, if the picture is light, you can use toothpaste instead the viscose ,and it will stick on the wall, later,if you want to remove it, the toothpaste is dry, pull a lost, but it better suitable for a no frame  painting.

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