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How to hang floating shelves?

Jan 26, 2016

 Using a floating shelf in a small space can save a lot of storage space, which is a very good idea.Floating shelves are installed on the walls, making them appear to float. For the living room, family library, home office, or even the bedroom, it is ideal and practical decoration tool.The installation process for the floating shelves is very simple.But how to hang floating shelves?You don't need to hire a carpenter. If you want to install a floating frame in your home,the following is a note that you can follow:  
   How to hang floating shelves?---Material

   You need to prepare for the floating shelf material includes a pencil, tape, screwdriver, drill, drawing and stud. You can get these from the local hardware store.

   How to hang floating shelves?---Measures
   The first thing you have to do is plan. Measure how long you want to extend the shelf. You should also be sure that you leave the space left on top, and at the bottom of the shelf. The idea of measuring the height of the item. Use as a drawing for your planning.

   How to hang floating shelves?---Place mark
   Using a pencil and tape level to do some marks on the wall, you will be installing shelves.

   How to hang floating shelves?---Using stud
   You have to do this.If you are planning to put heavy things on it, such as the encyclopedia, buddha, trophies and so on.To drill some holes, you just create a mark, an the same time,you need look for a bolt.Here, you will be on the floating rack on the screw. Mounting bracket, bracket for mounting and using drill and drill bit. Start with one end, and by the length of the shelf in your way. When you are finished, you can already start the project on the float. Just make sure the weight of the items on the shelf can be accommodated.

   These are the steps you can follow that you want to install a floating frame in your home. You can also choose to paint on the shelves of different colors, use your imagination to create some useful and unique floating shelves.

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