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How to fit floating shelves?

Jan 26, 2016

How to fit floating shelves?The floating shelf is fixed on the wall, it has no visible bracket, it is fashionable, chic and so versatile.It is filled in the corner, as well as the custom workspace, and the floating shelf is an undervalued design around the house. Here are four ways to use a floating shelf.

   How to fit floating shelves?Do you need more kitchen storage, but there is a lack of extra room for the wall?Floating shelves may be exactly what you need, they will give you to add storage space, and you do not have to give up any one of the windows. Windows are not too difficult to install the shelves, as long as your window is narrow enough, you can install a floating frame between the window.

   How to fit floating shelves?Fill a corner. The special shape of the corner has a custom cut to fit the floating shelves.Long and inclined.In the space here, the three floating shelves echo on the line below the long desk, it creates a clean, streamlined look.
   How to fit floating shelves?Custom cork. Make custom appearance of work area, through the cork to the lowest floating frame and the space between your working surface. In this space, the petite chandelier illuminates the work area; lighting will also work in such settings.

   How to fit floating shelves?So, why not all the people choose to install such shelves inside their?There are some weaknesses in this condition. In fact,leaving behind a nail on each shelf means that you just replace the shelf. Basically, the wall pillar has an important role as a support base, which enables the shelf to bear the capacity to be strengthened. So, if you "just" have some floating shelves, remember, you can't put too much weight on top to prevent them from being damaged.Even so, after all, all this to your choice, whether to install a number of floating shelves, but also according to the actual situation.
   Do you want to install the floating shelves now?

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