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How to build storage shelves?

Jan 26, 2016

How to build storage shelves?Before installing the storage shelves, please clean up the installation site, check the site safety, understand the installation site transport road, power supply, etc..

   How to build storage shelves?---Precautions before installation
   1) before installing the construction, we should be familiar with the drawings, for the three-dimensional library, special or complex installation, we should prepare the construction program.
   2) before installation and construction, we should know the transport road and power supply of the installation site and so on.
   3) before installing the construction,site roof and interior paint engineering should be basically completed, related to the base of the floor, the channel should be completed, concrete strength should not be less than 75% of design strength; installation of construction site and nearby debris, garbage should be cleaned.

   How to build storage shelves?What are the installation tools?

   A hammer, an active wrench.

   How to build storage shelves?
   1, please open all the packaging of shelves,please refer to the installation drawings to check whether the parts and accessories are complete.
   2, install the main shelves. According to schematic drawings, please put the main shelf in reasonable positions, beam end and the main frame column bayonet alignment, another head and sub frame of bayonet alignment, screw, adjusted to suitable distance, the use of movable spanner will tighten the screws.
   3, install the auxiliary rack. Please put on the side of the beam and column of the column is good, and then put it with the main shelf of the docking, adjust the distance, fitted with screws, screw with adjustable wrench.
   4, after the installation of the shelves,according to the acceptance criteria of the storage shelves,please use the hammer to knock on the corresponding parts of the column and the beam and adjust it to the most suitable position.
   5, in the end, please put the plate on the beam and use the matching plug-in to fix it.

   How to build storage shelves?---Installation acceptance criteria

   1, we should install the shelves according to the diagram. When the construction site or design found that there are differences, we should be in a timely manner, after the approval of the change ,we can construct.
   2,Various measuring and testing instruments, instruments, instruments and equipment used in the installation shall be in accordance with the regulations of the state for the current measurement and regulation, and its accuracy level shall not be lower than the accuracy level of the installation requirements.


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