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How to build simple shelves?

Jan 26, 2016

How to build simple shelves?If you want to make a bookcase as decoration and it also can be used for storing books, you can choose a transparent glass doors or doors bookcase,it has a display containing,it can protect the book.If you like collecting the books,you'd better tailored to the bookcase,such as the hall corridor side or both sides is designed into the bookshelf.

   How to build simple shelves?There's a post near the window of the room.It forms a small concave concave position,which is trouble.Custom furniture can help you,we design a row and column parallel bookcase in the concave, neatly placed, it gives people a sense of the overall atmosphere, cabinet and the concave positions just flush, which avoids the corner, it makes the space more beautiful, Corner desk and bookcase mutual collocation, which can highlight minimalist style concise air,and it is convenient for you to use in your daily life.

   How to build simple shelves?Neat and tidy grid bookcase design,which is paired with a fresh and comfortable tatami,it is convenient and practical ,at the same time, it is also easy for you to create a set of leisure and entertainment as one of the privacy of personal space. Make maximum use of space, expand the depth of space.

   How to build simple shelves?From the exterior to the function of different bookcase is different.Choosing bookcase. We want to see the use of the products at home, it is to decorate, or for the collection, in order to work or to receive books,its purpose is different, there are also differences.

   How to build simple shelves?The study shows the elegant style in the simple feeling partly hidden and partly visible.And the main use of the color of black, white, dark blue, it creates a cool, stylish space atmosphere.Staggered bookcase design uses condole ark and cabinet collocation method,which makes the space increases the flexibility,it can not only protect the books will not be damaged, it has to show to some extent, it reflects the versatility of the bookcase.

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