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How much do lockers cost?

Jan 26, 2016

How much do lockers cost?For the different function and appearance of the lockers, their prices are also different. Now I'd like to introduce several common lockers.

   How much do lockers cost?---Locker with 12 doors

   Steel furniture was made by spray phosphating; automatic spray phosphating, direct spray by automatic drying. The characteristics are: the chemical properties of phosphating film is stable, in accordance with the national standard of GB6807-86.The surface of parts is clean, the quality of the product is stable.Products using the sub gloss epoxy / polyester shaped powder, through the electrostatic spraying, binding ability is strong, it has excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance and decorative, it belongs to environmental protection product.

   Its price is 450 RMB.

   How much do lockers cost?---Lockers with 18 doors

   1 International sub light white, it adopts the high quality cold-rolled steel sheet by cutting, stamping, bending, welding, assembly. Material thickness 0.6mm (optional 0.5-1.0mm)

   2 The counter: counter the green environmental protection type electrostatic powder spray, on the human body and the surrounding environment does not produce harm, non-toxic, no side effects, use no peculiar smell.

   3 grid board: the file cabinet board height adjustable, strong and durable, excellent performance.
4 locks: Lock exquisite products bearing extraordinary, high safety coefficient, good transparency.

   Its price is 890 RMB.
   How much do lockers cost?---Intelligent electronic storage cabinet.

   1, the application function is: random distribution box door mode and 1 card 1 box door model two.
2, out of the box: IC/ID card out of the box, the password box (can be upgraded to fingerprint box or networking mode).

3, in the control system: Waterproof 3.2 inch color touch button system.

4, management mode: local administrator single card, emergency box and system settings.

   Its price is 11000.00 RMB.

   How much do lockers cost?---24 door electronic bar code cabinet.

   1, its plate is 0.8MM thickness of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface after pickling phosphating treatment, moisture, rust, anti-static.

2, the surface electrostatic powder paint, paint thickness is 1.0MM.

3, the product is mainly composed of computer control components, thermal printing system, bar code reader.

   Its price is  4880.00 RMB.

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