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How do lockers work?

Jan 26, 2016

How do lockers work?Lockers are widely used in various types of office, government offices, factories and other small parts, samples, molds, tools, electronic components, documents, design drawings, bills, catalogs, forms and storage management. It's a personal butler. It is not like the traditional wooden cabinets, easily damaged, not resistant to impact, but it is easy to breed bacteria and produce odor. The locker is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate sheet production, it has superior performance compared to the traditional wooden lockers.

   How do lockers work?Now, in the major supermarkets, there are a number of storage boxes. Now it uses bar code technology to manage. It will have some problems, such as the loss of a bar code or leakage (after taking pictures of mobile phones can be identified).

   How do lockers work?Because of all this,the system uses the method of fingerprint identification, management. This system uses TFT liquid crystal display, shown above, using information of each locker (if there has been a user.) At the same time, the liquid crystal, there are several operating buttons for user operation.

   How do lockers work?If it is a new user, it must first be registered in order to use the. Registration: LCD if with free lockers, then the user can through liquid crystal button, triggering the registration function. After trigger fingers into fingerprint module, after successful registration, the system will allocate a locker to him, also open the lockers. Liquid crystal display cabinet will update information.

   How do lockers work?If you are a registered user, you trigger the use of keys, put your fingers into fingerprint module, after the successful recognition, it will automatically opens his locker. At the same time, it will log off users. The liquid crystal display will update information storage.
   Cleaning: when you get off work, you need to clean up the file cabinet, then you need to trigger a special button (the general situation is locked up). After the trigger system, after the removal of all user information, and open all the lockers.

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