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Design of supermarket checkout counters

Jan 26, 2016

Material of supermarket checkout counters:In general,the production materials of supermarket checkout counters are stainless steel, carbon steel, black iron, wood and plastic.

   1) stainless steel: stainless steel is generally used for the production of the table. Stainless steel countertops should frosted hair lines before production, which is consistent with the United States pull sand No. 4 processing standard.Through the broken lines of the steel plate, when the surface is a minor scratch, the human‘s eye is difficult to distinguish it in the first time, and straight lines, otherwise, the image of the store is guaranteed to be good.

   2)Carbon steel plate: it is mainly used for the production of the stage and the base of the supermarket checkout counters.In order to cooperate with the enterprise LOGO, it will go through the surface paint or powder (spray) treatment. The principle is the use of electrostatic spray resin evenly sprayed on the metal surface, and then through high temperature baking sintering technology.

   3)Mesa: it is made of high-grade stainless steel wire drawing.

   Design of supermarket checkout counters:

   1) its size must be matched with the store site. The width of the aisle is generally 610 to 750mm.

   2) its design is not only to be beautiful and generous, but must be combined with the software or POS system,which play the function fully.In addition,we should also consider that the influence of the area of the store and the flow of people on the design of the supermarket checkout counters,which  is conducive to the full flow of people, so as to speed up the speed of the cash register.

   3) the combination of the cash register should be compatible with the CI system or LOGO of the enterprise, and its color should be based on the color of CI or LOGO.

   4)anti collision design: in order to prevent damage to the collision, the cashier will generally be in the parts of the body of the collision proof adhesive strip, one or two can be, depending on the actual demand, the adhesive strip material is generally PVC SOFT, soft. We can also in the corner of the cash register and the plastic side, the protection of the supermarket checkout counters will be more comprehensive and effective.

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