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How much does a traffic light cost

Jan 25, 2016

   I think, any traffic police know: how much does a traffic light cost. Now in almost every crossroads, all around are hung with red, yellow, green, three traffic lights of color, it is a "traffic cop" don't make any noise. The traffic light at the traffic light is an international unified. The red light is stop signal, a green light is a signal. Intersection, car from several directions to collected here, some want to go straight, turn to, who let go first, that is to obey traffic lights command. Red light, go straight or turn left, without hinder pedestrians and vehicles, allowing vehicle right; Green light, allowing cars go straight or turn; Yellow light, stop at the intersection to stop line or crosswalk line of less than, has continued to pass; Yellow light flashing, pay attention to safety warning vehicle. But also is such, every year there will be a lot of people died in a car accident, if ask how much does a traffic light cost, there is no value, but the costs caused by the traffic lights were very big, so the value is very big. 

OKorder How much does a traffic light cost

   Some time ago to yueyue's case is, finally, a very lovely little life still left this world. In fact, things like that there is more than a traffic light. Coal mine safety, the country time, the lessons of the blood is a barrage, but some places are always not long memory, so that the final "blood" let people "whose blood fatigue". Immediately once found a lot of problems to solve, not only easier then, the crowd applauded. When shuffle the dispute continuously, not only to complicate the simple question, to solve the difficulty of more and more big, the problem caused by the damage and loss is more and more big. Like traffic lights here, the relevant personnel said: "over the years will continue with the government department for". Whether the "continue" to use to promote blood and life? So, life is fragile, but at the same time is precious, I believe that is how much does a traffic light cost this traffic problem, can extend the human health problems for attention. 

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