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How do traffic light cameras work

Jan 25, 2016

   Traffic light cameras, as the name implies, is the traffic light cameras, of course, not every intersection will be installed. This is to prevent people who do not obey the traffic rules a little punishment, so how do the traffic light cameras work. Also has a lot of people a year in real received many illegal processing and fine, and it is those who do not obey the traffic rules, not observed in the installation of traffic light cameras. So the article is to introduce how do traffic light cameras work. First we know about the principle of this camera,


   Principle is as follows: 1. When your front wheel over the ground of induction coil, the electronic shooting the first a photo of you. 2. When your car rear wheel over the ground of induction coil, electronic photos of the second you. 3. When your car by crossing pressure across the induction coil on the ground, electronic shooting in the third pictures of you. Digital, a total of 3 pictures taken, a picture is instant illegal, a picture is plate recognition, is a panorama. Either way, it is 24 hours, image retention time is usually a week. The vehicle to capture rate - 100%; Recognition time - about 1 second; License plate recognition rate - more than 95% during the day, night by more than 90%; Apply the speed - 5-180 km/h; Green light will be bright, 2 s closed system ahead of time, mainly in order to prevent the mistake. Through yellow light was made should be like a red light, the principle of the new traffic rules say when the yellow lights up, once any part of body across the stop line, the vehicle can continue to pass, can not considered running yellow lights. But at the time of intersections, yellow lights at the moment of automobile body is a cordon, sometimes bad judgment. Police's uncle is on this photo 3, to give you opened a ticket through a red light. So according to the working principle of traffic light cameras, as long as we drove into a digital 3 pictures taken of the crossroads, don't be, we wouldn't have considered running a red light, that is to say, don't touch the article 3 above, will be ok. This is the principle of  how do the traffic light cameras work, hope you drive in the future, pay attention to safety. 

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