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What is a car cylinder about some datas

Jan 25, 2016

   You must understand, said popular point, cylinder piston moves up and down continuously in the cylinder, drives the engine rotation. At the same time, in every car also has a cylinder. What is a car cylinder, and are the piston moves up and down in the cylinder. Piston motion is to rely on the compressed air in the cylinder expansion work, compressed gas is refers to the gasoline and diesel, the piston in the cylinder up top, the gasoline and diesel oil steam compression, to a certain degree of diesel fuel gas explosion, gas with piston gasoline, and then pushes the piston down and so on. Some data can be obtained by looking up information, these data can help you to understand what is a car cylinder, can also help you to distinguish what kind of car cylinder and other cylinder are different.

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   Guide the piston in the straight line reciprocating movement of the cylindrical metal parts. Working medium in the engine cylinder converts heat into mechanical energy by inflation; Gas in compressor cylinder piston compression to increase pressure. Turbine, rotary piston engine housing is usually also called "cylinder". So, what is a car cylinder, not a fixed parts. Cylindrical empty within the engine room, there is a driven by the pressure of the working fluid or expansion force, piston, some special type engine within a similar, but not of the cylindrical parts. Automobile engine cylinder is commonly used number 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 cylinder. 1 liter engines with commonly used three cylinders (e.g., xiali 7100), 1-2.5 litres is commonly 4 cylinder engine, 6 cylinder engine is usually about 3 liters, 4 litres to 8 cylinders, more than 5.5 liters with 12 cylinder engine. According to the arrangement of engine, and can be divided into W 12 cylinder engine (such as Volkswagen phaeton W12, audi A8W12), V 12 cylinder engine (such as Benz S600, BMW 760), W eight cylinder engine (such as passat project.it), V eight cylinder engine (such as the new audi A6L4. 2), horizontal contraposition 6 cylinder engine (Ruth subaru forest), V 6 cylinder engine, in-line 5 engines and inline 4 cylinder engine, etc. In general, under the same diameter, number of cylinders, the displacement is larger, the higher the power; Under the same displacement, the more number of cylinders, the smaller the diameter, rotational speed can be improved, thereby gaining greater power to ascend. I want to, through the data contrast, for you, will be able to know what is the car cylinder. 

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