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What is a 3 angle valve job and its characteristics

Jan 25, 2016

Angle valve is also called triangle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves. This is because the pipeline on the corner of a 90 degree Angle valve in shape, it is called a Angle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves. Triangle what is a 3 angle valve job, if of triangle valve does not understand, is really a problem. By looking for data shows the effect of the triangle valve: 1) the transfer inside and outside the outlet. (2) is the water pressure is too big, can be in above the triangle valve adjustment, turn down, (3) is a function of the switch, if the faucet leaks are like, may turn off the triangle valve, don't have to close the total valve in the home. (4) is beautiful and easy. So, water is essential to the bridal chamber is decorated commonly dimming accessories. Triangle valve, as a kind of common and important parts, there are a lot of features, if you can better understand the characteristics of the triangle valve, can clearly know the triangle valve USES,that what is a 3 angle valve job is to say, triangle valve. 

   These characteristics are: we devised by in the process of using a, valve core: (1), USES the high quality ceramic pieces of copper valve core, high quality and has more than 500000 times switch can still be operating smoothly and effort, durability is not leaking. (2), brisk comfortable, ageing resistance. Second, the surface quality of the metal coating, composite plating, enough thickness, adhesion, uniform, smooth, colour and lustre is elegant, beautiful. Three, lead standard: in accordance with GB/T1176 lead standards, no harm to human body health, protect you and your family use without harmful metal products. Four, product inspection: the introduction of advanced laboratory equipment, from raw material inspection to the auxiliary parts of the test, the service life of the product, the product of the sealing to product the thickness of the coating on the surface of the test, the flow of products to save water testing, each process through strict inspection, the whole experiment operating standards are completed in accordance with the relevant national standards. Five, the other: 1, high quality copper ontology, not rust, does not produce rust water; 2, made careful, product ontology the refining forging brass material and become, ruled out the traditional sand casting production may produce porosity and leakage hidden trouble. 3, accord with standard of lead-free, no harm to human body, accord with environmental protection concept; 4, multilayer electroplating chromium, appearance is bright as a mirror, is like new, never fade; 5, streamlined design, fashionable style. 6, 5 years quality guarantee, let the consumer trust to use this product. I also believe that these features can help you to understand what is a 3 angle valve job, so as to better use and choice. 

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