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How to replace oil pump about this order of installation

Jan 22, 2016

   Oil pump is very common in our daily life, and the oil pump is must have a power to operate, it lower the CAM shaft is driven by the engine crankshaft gear. If the pump is broken, how to replace the oil pump, I think you must know the oil pump installation order. Fuel injection pump plunger are the key parts of the, if the common syringe to hospital for metaphor, removable plug is known as the plunger, needle tube is called a plunger sleeve, assume that at the top of the cylinder to install a spring inside the plunger end, plunger contact the other end of the camshaft, a week when the camshaft rotating, plunger will move up and down inside the plunger sleeve once, this is the basic movement of fuel injection pump plunger. Below will introduce you to the pump installation order, on the basis of to help you understand how to replace the oil pump. 

OKorder How to replace oil pump  about this order of installation

   Oil pump installation sequence is: 1, put the unit in buried with anchor bolt, on the basis of between the base and foundation, with pairs of wedge cushion with correction. 2, loose coupling, use level on the pump shaft and base, respectively, by adjusting the wedge cushion, correction unit level, tighten the anchor bolts, just in case. 3, calibration of pump shaft and motor shaft concentricity, cylindrical, along the road in coupling allowable deviation of 0.1 mm; In the plane of the two coupling gap should guarantee 2 ~ 4 mm, small little pump (in value) clearance wants even, tolerance of 0.3 mm. 4, good on the line and determine the direction of motor rotation, and then grafted in coupling, and check the shaft concentricity 5 again, in the actual commissioning unit 2 ~ 3 hours later, a final inspection, if there is no negative phenomenon, is considered qualified installation. In the process of the related monitor the temperature and vibration of the bearing is as follows: 6, during the installation process, so as to prevent debris into the machine, all perforation should cover of the unit. 7, in order to prevent debris into the pump in the pipeline, pipeline of new installation glue should be installed in the pump filters, the effective cross section should be greater than the suction pipe section 2 ~ 3 times. I believe: if you knew all about this order of installation, how to replace a pump will have a lot of help to you. 

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