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How much for a water pump in some methods

Jan 22, 2016

he pump is conveying liquid or causes the liquid turbo-charged machinery. Is mainly used to transport the liquid, including water, oil, the sour lye, the emulsion, hangs the emulsion and the liquid metal and so on, also may transport the liquid, the mixture of gases as well as contains the suspended solid liquid. The flow of water pump, the water yield, generally unfavorable choose too large, otherwise it would increase the cost of buying water pump. If you would like to ask how much for a water  pump, which take into account different types or different brand, should according to the need to choose, such as user home use of self-priming pump, flow should try to choose a smaller; Irrigation with submersible pump, such as the user can select appropriate flow a few bigger. How much for a water  pump this problem below, to introduce some ways to the choose and buy of the pump. 

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   The choose and buy method is as follows: 1) to adjust measures to local conditions to choose the pump. Common agricultural pumps have three types, namely, centrifugal pump, axial flow and mixed flow pump. Centrifugal pump is higher, but not water yield, is suitable for the mountainous area and the area; Axial flow pump water yield is larger, but without too much lift, used the plains region; The water yield and the head of the mixed flow pump between centrifugal pumps and axial flow pump, used the plains and hilly region. The user base of DeKuang, water source and water height in the choose and buy. 2) will choose appropriate overweight pumps. To determine the pump type, want to consider the economic performance, special attention should be paid to the pump head and flow rate and the power of choice. Must pay attention to, pump sign indicate the lift and the use of the water head is little different, this is because the water flow through the water pipe and will have certain resistance near the line loss. So, the actual lift generally about 10% - 10% less than total head, water yield also reduced accordingly. Therefore, when the actual use, can press sign the note head and flow rate is 80% ~ 90% estimate, the pump power for choice, can be made according to the sign of the power to choose, in order to make the pump start-up quickly and the use of safe, the power of engine can be slightly more than the water pump power, about 10% higher than that of general advisable; If have the power, when the pump of choose and buy, can choose and buy according to engine power and matching pumps. 3) to strict procedures for water pump. When the choose and buy to cb "three certificates", namely the farm machinery promotion license, production license and product inspection certificate, only 3 card together in order to avoid buy out products and inferior products. I want to by the several methods of choose and buy, you are in the process of choose and buy, not only can buy good quality water pump, by comparing the various business how much for a water  pump, also can buy water pump to the economy. 

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