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How much does an oil pump cost

Jan 22, 2016

 Oil pump is a kind of portable and compact pump, this paper proposes a has a shell made of alumina materials of oil pump and set in the shell of the movement of the molding, among them, the moving of the molding at least in part by a sintering, contains at least one kind of austenitic iron base alloy material, and one by the molding is made can be sintered materials at least for the shell of the thermal expansion coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient of 60%. This kind of manufacturing, how much does an oil pump cost, for each manufacturer issue to consider. In fact, in the life, buy oil pump, sometimes also need to consider the selection problem, this problem involves the factory product quality and reputation. The following with respect to its selection to indirect tell you how much does an oil pump cost. 

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   Pump selection basis should be according to the technological process, system requirements, from the nature of the liquid, liquid throughput, device stress, piping layout into consideration. 1, liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties with temperature c d density, viscosity, u, such as solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium, which involves the system pressure, which is to choose material selection and pump shaft seal type of important basis. 2, the traffic is equipped with one of the important performance data of the oil pump, it is directly related to the entire plant production capacity and transmission capacity. Choose cycloidal gear pump, based on maximum flow, normal flow, give attention to two or morethings when there is no maximum flow, usually preferable 1.1 times that of the normal flow for maximum flow. General industrial pump can be ignored in the process of pipeline system leakage, but affected by the change of flow must be considered. 3, unit pressure is required by the system to choose another important performance data of gear pump, general with 5% - 5% allowance after the pressure to choose the model of cycloid gear pump. This includes: suction pressure oil pool, pressure, discharge of oil pool in the pipe system pressure drop (pressure loss). 4, piping layout conditions of the pump unit system refers to the liquid height, send, send liquid to liquid distance. For the system pressure calculation and checking power. Data pipeline system should also make the device characteristic curve, if necessary. Actually in the process of the oil pump production, not only should consider how much does an oil pump cost, more important is the requirement of quality, to increase production, increase sales. 

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