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How does an oil pump work

Jan 22, 2016

   Studied the mechanical classmates know, what is the oil pump, also know how does an oil pump works. Oil pump is a kind of portable and compact pump, this paper proposes a has a shell made of alumina materials of oil pump and set in the shell of the movement of the molding, among them, the moving of the molding at least in part by a sintering, contains at least one kind of austenitic iron base alloy material, and one by the molding is made can be sintered materials at least for the shell of the thermal expansion coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient of 60%. Of course for professional knowledge, this is not enough. Every mechanical parts with its design principle and unique features, we can through the principle of the mechanical pump to explain how does an oil pump work. 

OKorder How does an oil pump work

  Simple in summary: mechanical principle of oil pump is oil absorption, oil pressure. So, we have to pump oil absorption and oil pressure to explain how does an oil pump work. Fuel injection pump of oil pressure and oil absorption, the plunger reciprocating movement to complete in the plunger sleeve. When the lower position of the plunger plunger sleeve, two oil hole is opened on the plunger sleeve inner cavity and pump oil duct in the body are interlinked, fuel quickly fill the oil chamber. When the top on the roller body roller CAM, plunger is rising. Starting from the plunger upward movement between the oil hole is blocked by column inserting end face before. In this period of time, due to the movement of the plunger and fuel oil from the oil room is being squeezed out, flow to the oil. So this lift is called pre trip. When the piston will oil hole blocking, started pumping process. Column line, indoor hydraulic oil rise sharply. When pressure exceeds the upper oil valve spring force and oil pressure, will leave oil valve, fuel pressure into the tubing to the injector. Plunger continue upward movement, oil supply has been continued pressure oil process continues to the fortress of the column spiral bevel edge out plunger sleeve oil return hole, when the oil hole is opened, fortress of the high pressure oil from the oil chamber through column longitudinal slots and the oil return on the plunger sleeve orifice flow back to pump the oil duct in the body. The plunger sleeve oil chamber of hydraulic falling rapidly, delivery valve in spring and oil pressure in the high-pressure tubing falling back into the seat, injector immediately stop injection. In the whole process of plunger upward movement, just in the middle of a journey is the pressure oil process, the trip is called the effective stroke of plunger. 

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