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How does a hand water pump work

Jan 22, 2016

Hand water pump is a kind of hydraulic pump. Actually how does a hand water pump work, principle and general pump is very similar. As a hydraulic system power source, is mainly composed of fluid, hydraulic oil, saponification oil, water, etc.) as a medium. General manual hydraulic pump plunger is horizontal design, ultra-high pressure hand water pump is ultrahigh pressure generated by the double piston transformation. Ultra-high pressure hand water pump as a simple and convenient hydraulic power supply is widely used in shipbuilding industry, coal mine machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and heavy machinery and other fields. And with its small volume, light weight, easy to carry, strong security advantages such as accepted by the masses of users. In today's information update, update for any parts or items, every moment in progress. But swords ca, they all play their own roles in different fields. Here are several application aspects of hand water pump, explain to you how does a hand water pump work. 

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   Ultra-high pressure hand water pump is an ideal source of power, electrical and mechanical assembly equipment is mainly used in several aspects: 1, threaded fasteners and fastening the power source of the tension device. Can realize accurate control of bolt pre-tightening force, hydraulic oil pressure can reach 300 mpa. At present our country coal, electric power, chemical industry, etc are made with high strength hydraulic nut or tensioning jack, by the ultra-high pressure manual night than the pump power, has obtained the good effect. 2, mechanical equipment in the conical surface smooth or the power source of the interference fit cylinder is tear open outfit. Hydraulic nut is smooth cone surface such as bearings, gears, rotor and cylinder interference fit disassembling an effective tool. It is composed of seal ring of the piston are embedded with internal thread and nut. With ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump as power source, ultra-high pressure from nut in vitro round or face into the surface, the relative movement between the piston and the nut body, so as to realize the dismantling of interference fit. 3, the power source of the hydraulic load cylinder or jack. Is the ideal of heavy equipment installation and debugging tools. I thought: this a few aspects of the application, not only explains the features of the hand water pump can better explain how does a hand water  pump work. Hope to help you. 

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