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If you know what are clamps

Jan 22, 2016

Do you know what are clamps? We can see many clamps in our daily life but to answer the question: what are clamps is not so easy.

OKorder If you know what are clamps

We may see many different kinds of clamps in our life, but what are clamps is also a question which need us to answer. We may see the example for steering wheel clamps, therefore, we have to know the features of the security car wheel lock, that is the car clamps.

What are clamps is easy to say, for the car wheel lock. Firstly, it is Free to adjust lever position according to the wheel size, . 8 hole location basically met household models. Secondly, precision production, anti-static, anti prizing, sawing, anti-theft.

Thirdly,crescent type anti-theft aluminum lock core + waterproof and dust proof protection cover. Fourthly,2.6mm thickness cold rolling steel plate, automotive paint process does not fade, very strong. Fifthly,pull rod is equipped with advanced silicone rubber,to protect and reduce the friction effect.

What are clamps is now clearly for us, and we also have many different kinds of car wheel clamps for us. When we deliver the goods of clamps. when ship by sea, it normally takes 15-60 days and that really depend on different countries. because transport by ship is much more cheap and safe. we often packing these car clamps in standard export carton. And it really good for the clamps.

Surely we can see many different kinds of clamps for different usage. we have book clamps for us to store books and make them tidy. we have cloth clamps for us to tidy the clothes, that would save us much more space. Therefore, what are clamps is clearly to us, then we will use it correctly in our daily life.



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