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Do you know what are clamps used for

Jan 22, 2016

Do you know what are clamps used for? To answer what are clamps used for, we have to study hard and explore this question.

To answer what are clamps used for, we have to find out what are clamps firstly.That is, Clamp is a kind of tool which used for clamping, fastening, or lifting, they are widely used in metallurgy, shipping, railway, port, etc.Clamp gripping objects according to different kinds was divided into billet clamp and end.Clamp is mainly consist of synchronizer, clamp arm, plate and jaws etc seven parts.

OKorder Do you know what are clamps used for

What are clamps used for we will take quick clamp for an example.It is an accurate positioning, fast speed and a new type of manual fixture and pneumatic clamping fixture products, clamps products are widely used in welding, riveting, machining, etc. processing, mechanical processing, assembly, logistics and other process in the process of fixture products can also be used for a certain parts of the fixed equipment.

We also have another example to help you understand what are clamps used for, that is establish clamp. this kind of clamp is dedicated used for rolled plate when erect state carries on the lifting of the lifting tools. Establish clamp according to its different ways of working can be divided into two different kinds-electronic type archives clamp and mechanical archives clamp.

Up to now, we have know so much about what are clamps used for. we Know that there are many different kinds of clamps, and they have different usages in different conditions. therefore, we should use it correctly, because only in this way can we make it serve us much more convenient and it can make the most of itself.

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