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what are the brackets and its origin

Jan 21, 2016

  Parentheses, you certainly won't strange, if ask you what are the brackets, you may know a symbol. In fact, when you write an article written somewhere, in order to let readers understand more thoroughly, sometimes need to add a comment. This annotation, brackets indicate. The nature of the annotation is varied. Besides we know what are the brackets, perhaps the origin of the brackets will be more interest you. Zhu Wenxiong in Japan in 1906 published the "notice" of jiangsu new letter called the parentheses "enclosed bow," says "enclosed bow make annotations ()". Lu xun in 1909 in the journal of foreignfiction slightly example "also mentioned in the" brackets ". 1919 "enacted the new punctuation marks, please bill sure () () parentheses form two, known as the" interlinear notes ", useful example, without explanation. In 1930 and 1933, the relevant government documents as "bracket". 1951 "punctuation usage" entitled "brackets". Three times since 1951, the government issued the punctuation usage is the commonly used brackets for the parentheses (), in addition to square brackets [], hexagonal parentheses (), curly braces {}, square brackets [] and two Angle brackets "" and" "wait for a few kinds. 

OKorder what are the brackets and its origin

   In modern society, combining Chinese and western culture, Chinese introduce what are the brackets and its origin, the introduction of western culture and its comparison. Es created by Italian humanist scholar, brackets used in sentence parenthesis, initially in Florence polis executive branch lute Joe Mr Lou tatiana "noble of theory of law and medicine" in the writing of 1399 in the form of ">, in the 15th century first half has become a pair USES Angle brackets < > and parentheses. Manu uz printed in 1495 of the Italian scholar Peter etro bin bo" etna expedition to record "the Latin books used at many points along the parentheses. English parentheses (singular parenthesis, plural parentheses) appeared in around 1500, was published on books mentioned one of the five types of punctuation. Symbolic names derived from Greek parentithenai, meaning" on the inside ", namely "insert", insert components are usually add parentheses is separated from the body. English since 1580 in parentheses, brackets refers specifically brackets, parentheses can be also known as round brackets. The French name for the three kinds of commonly used brackets successively appeared for: parentheses (parenthese) in 1620, the square brackets (crochets) [] in 1723, the curly braces {} (accolades) in 1740 

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