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Do you know how to use toggle bolts

Jan 21, 2016

Do you know how to use toggle bolts? But first of all to know how to use toggle bolts, we need to know what is toggle bolts clearly.

OKorder Do you know how to use toggle bolts

To answer how to use toggle bolts. Firstly we need to do some research. Toggle bolts is machine screws that secure hanging objects. Install molly and toggle bolts with tips from an experienced handyman in this free video on do-it-yourself home repairs.This basically is a toggle bolt here. It is basically just a long machine screw. They have different sizes available and these come in different sizes here. This is actually a 3/16's toggle bolt. It is a pretty common size. You are going to need the right size screw to go with the right size blade here. You'll see inside there is a little bitty hole and this actually just screws right in to it.

How to use toggle bolts are now much more clearly.It actually screws in just like that so most of the time these are used for like plant hangers in ceilings. This is the most common use around the house for them. Instead of the machine head right here where you actually screw it in with a screwdriver it will actually just be a threaded part and it will actually be a plant hook that hangs off of it and you can just screw it in.

How to use toggle bolts we need to put your toggle thing right here, right on the screw towards the end of the screw and all you do is whatever surface you are trying to install this into if it is drywall all you want to do is just poke a hole in the drywall wherever you are going to go with it at least the same diameter as the diameter of this right here

Now we have known so much about how to use toggle bolts, but for One thing you want to consider when you are doing this is you want to make sure that this toggle bolt is at least an inch longer than the surface that you are trying to penetrate it through because you have got to leave enough room for this to actually go through the hole and be able to clear the hole.

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