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How to use the tire chains

Jan 21, 2016

Tyre protection chain, tire chains for short, is a link and connection between the link on both sides of the body of the chain components, connecting link in the side chain and the connection on both ends link chain docking component, on both ends of a link on both sides with a rope card fastening rope, subject chain component is open type, its fixed installation of opening reinforcement pin. Simply put, is to tire of protection. So, sometimes for how to use the tire chains, it is very important. Due to reinforce the pin into the main chain of two side fastening components, have the effect of the top beam, chain mouth is not easy to deformation, therefore the utility model of the lower breakage, long service life. Below is to tire chain installation method, to explain how to use the tire chains.

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   As is known to all, the tyre has been on the friction with the ground, used in tire cycle, need for tires for certain maintenance and replacement, at this point, the tyre protection chain will play a vital role. Due to the maintenance chain good abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance is strong, according to the conditions of use life of 3000-8000 hours. Tear open outfit is convenient, save time and effort, the products are complete in specifications, can match with imported loader, tyre protection chain, using high-tech wear-resisting material, the new structure is compact, stable performance, so when use the tyre has played a very good protection effect. How to use the tire chains, find its installation method through check information. Required tools: a hammer, pliers, wire (about 1 meter), the method is as follows: 1. Put the loader in plain area, will the gas released about a third of the tire. 2. Expand the chain, paving in the need to install directly in front of the tire (share the lateral). 3. The accessories (opening section and the diamond opening section), with about 1 meter wire on one end of the chain. 4. Start the loader, pay attention to the tire positive positive alignment with the chain. 5. On the pattern of the tire with wire, with a crowbar straighten chain, vehicle slowly move back, until all wrapped the tyre protection chain (front, rear back forward). 6. After the good on both ends of the chain, with a connection section connection at both ends. 7. Good tire lateral tightening chain, tightening and debugging. 8. Check the tyre protection chain lock ring, make its joint outwards, so as not to tire wear. I hope it is helpful to your understanding. 

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