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Do you know how to make wood clamps

Jan 21, 2016

how to make wood clamps

Do you know how to make wood clamps? Do you have any ideas about how to make wood clamps?

Perhaps not everyone of us know how to answer this question.

To answer how to make wood clamps,we have to know something.We all know that clamps are really widely used for many different projects and they often come in different shapes and sizes for different conditions. Wood clamps are one of the oldest types of clamps and are still commonly used. For jobs which require a certain size clamp or if you just want to make your own, wood clamps can easily be constructed from scratch. All materials that you will need come from your local hardware store which are fairly cheap.

This way, how to make wood clamps? Don`t worry, let me tell you now. Mark a line lengthwise down the middle of the face of the 2-by-6 using a pencil and a straight edge.

Then you should Put on safety glasses and cut the 2-by-6 in half using the circular saw.

And next Using the pencil, mark the two halves at one foot long and cut them to the size you want by using the circular saw.

OKorder Do you know how to make wood clamps

To now how to make wood clamps we have to do much more things, Make marks on the edges of the two pieces of wood at two inches and six inches. Using the electric drill and the 1/2-inch hole threader bit drill four holes at these marks in the center of the edge, making sure you keep the drill straight up and down as you drill.The last is to thread the bolts through the holes and begin using the clamp.

Now through our hard work, we now have known the skills to answer how to make wood clamps, it is really good skills for us to master, because it can help a lot in our daily life time,and it can save us a lot of money and time, which really means a lot to us.

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