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How to make the wooden clamps

Jan 21, 2016

The equipment of clamps, clip. Many different kinds of clamps, shapes are different. In life, we use the most, is also one of the most common wood clamps, how to make the wooden clamps, it is not only a technology, but also an art. In general, the common thing in life is the folder and clothes, more still use wood clamps. Below is based on the clothes and the folder is introduced to explain how to make wooden clamps. 

OKorder How to make the wooden clamps

   Paper clamps seems to be one of the most simple of all his invention, it is but a small piece of a paper bending of wire. But the paper clamps before made into the shape we now use after repeated design. In the past, people often use a needle to put their pages together. But needle damage paper, users can also damage due to prick my finger. A Norwegian inventor called John Waller thinks he can solve this problem. In 1901, he put forward the application for a patent for wire paper clamps (as Norway is no patent application system, so, Mr Valls applied for a patent in Germany). Almost at the same time, several inventors also made a similar design. However, all of these early paper clamps there are some problems. When push clamps, highlight the wire end of the thorn to prick paper in paper, paper damage even more than the needle. Do a manufacturing clamp machine is also very difficult. Obviously, the labor cost of production of paper clamps by hand can make the product price is too high. Sometimes at the time of drying clothes, some clothes, in can fall down on the hangers, you can use a few iron clamps or bamboo clamps (bamboo clamps) clamp, the clothes, so clothes will not have lost, there are a few small clothes, such as: socks, underwear a little creatures can be caught in the trap, in order to dry. So, it is this change, wooden clamps is so popular. For how to make the wooden clamps, also slowly attracted the interest of the people, the art form has been in people's sight. 

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