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tiger brand rice cooker overview

Jan 19, 2016

Tiger rice cookers, electric rice cooker, also known as Tiger rice cookers. It is used of electrical energy into internal energy of cookware, easy to use, clean, but also with food steamed, boiled, stewed, baked and other operating functions. Common automatic rice cooker is divided into insulation, insulation type and timing of the new microcomputer-controlled categories. Asia has become daily household appliances, Tiger rice cookers invention reduced a lot of family time spent on cooking. The world's first rice cooker is the Japanese Masaru Ibuka, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company which was invented in the 1950s.

OKorder tiger brand rice cooker overview

Since the 1980s, electric rice cookers were manufactured in China and Korea, who focused on simple feature models because of the market trend which regarded the price competition to be more important than rich features.

In fact, the principle of Tiger rice cookers are after is not complicated, as long as we know we can understand a little physical. When the rice cooked, the water will evaporate inside the rice cooker, the liquid into a gaseous state. When the object from the liquid into a gaseous state, to absorb some of the energy, called "latent heat." At this time, the temperature will always remain in the boiling point. Until after the water evaporates, the temperature inside the rice cooker will rise again. Rice cooker inside a thermometer and electronic parts, when it found that the temperature rises again, it will automatically stop cooking.

Some visitors to Japan desired to buy Japanese domestic models as souvenirs, due to their ability to produce better tasting cooked rice and the multiple features. Since the Japanese domestic models use 100 volts only, they cannot be used in most other countries without adapters and power converters. In Akihabara Electric Town, various models that are modified to be able to operate under 110 V/220 V-240 V are sold in boxes that are labeled with English. A few rice cooker makers produce export models for use abroad. 

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