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Introduction of pyrolytic ovens

Jan 19, 2016

A pyrolytic self-cleaning oven has a cavity 2 heated by a grill element 4 during a self-cleaning pyrolytic operation, the fumes emitted passing through a porous plug bearing an oxidation catalyst 11 to remove smoke before the gases are vented at outlet 9. The cycling of the element 4 is controlled by an electronic controller 13 which receives a signal from a temperature sensor 15 on the catalytic plug. Thus, when the oven temperature initially rises and volatile substances are vaporised, resulting in an exothermic reaction at the catalyst, the element 4 is switched off. Only when a substantial amount of the volatile soil has been evaporated will the temperature at the oxidation catalyst fall causing the control means 13 to switch the element 4 back on. In this way, the self-cleaning operation is controlled by the temperature of the oxidation catalyst, and the cleaning operation is terminated with reference to either a fixed temperature in the oven having been reached or a fixed temperature differential between the catalyst temperature and the oven temperature having been achieved. 

OKorder Introduction of  pyrolytic ovens

Pyrolytic furnace, is used in the principle of thermal oxide reprocessing to clean paint line, hanging on the best organic coating and recycling equipment wires, cables, motors and other materials. Pyrolytic furnace and mechanical, chemical and incineration compared pyrolysis furnace has the advantage of both the reprocessing or recycling parts have no deformation, not to hurt the base material, no annealing phenomenon characteristics, while the treatment of low cost, efficiency high pollution. In home appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, furniture and scrap metal recycling industry has a great prospect.

Fisher & Paykel Built-in Ovens are designed for a range of cooking styles, with generous capacity, high performance and a full range of functions including pyrolytic self-cleaning. The elegant styling perfectly matches the rest of our co-ordinated kitchen family.

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