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fan ovens overview

Jan 14, 2016

Fan ovens have a heating element around the fan behind the rear panel. The electric element heats the air being circulated by the fan and evenly distributes it throughout the oven. Fan-assisted ovens, on the other hand, have two heating elements, one in the roof and one in the base with the addition of a fan in the rear. This allows you to use all the shelves at once without the flavours of different foods intermingling. You'll save time, energy and money too.

OKorder fan ovens overview

Fan ovens built-in Single Fan Electric Oven is smart, spacious and easy to use. It has a large sized cooking capacity and has been given an A rating for its energy efficiency, which is particularly beneficial to you when it comes to your running costs.

Features include a Manual Timer, Interior Light, Double Glazed Glass Door and a Single Variable Grill.Up to now, the products manufactured by Vatti include various product series such as fan ovens and gas built in ovens.

The oven interior has been coated with an Easy Clean Enamel, which deters splashes and spillages from sticking to the sides of the oven.In 1992, Vatti as the professional manufacturer of fan ovens ans gas and electric oven, gas and electric oven, water heaters, cooker hoods, etc., took the lead among the non-governmental enterprises and introduced CI successfully.

On September 1, 2002, Vatti won the title of "Chinese Famous-brand Products". In April of 2005, Vatti initiated the establishment of public welfare brand. In July of 2006, Vatti was rated as "Chinese Industrial Significant Brand". In June 2007, Vatti started using its new logo.

The Whirlpool AKP491WH model is fan assisted, meaning that heat spreads evenly throughout the compartment, giving you faster cooking times and a consistent temperature. 

In a word, in order to make a good meal,fan ovens are good choice.

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