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Black decker rice cooker

Jan 13, 2016

Rice cookers are designed to take out the factor of human error. When you know how to use your Black & Decker Rice Cooker, you will never again have soggy, pasty rice, or rice that burns to the bottom of the pot. These are ideal if you consume rice on a regular basis. The best part of a rice cooker is the warming feature which will hold the cooked rice for up to 24 hours, so now your rice can wait until dinner is done.

OKorder Black decker rice cooker

Wash and dry the cooking bowl. Insert the cooking bowl inside the unit to fit tightly against the heating plate.

Using the 5 1/2 ounce measuring cup that came with the rice cooker, measure out one scoop per serving of rice. Each scoop will yield one 8-ounce cup of cooked rice.

Pour water inside the cooking bowl up to the number that is the same as the number of scoops of rice you put in. If you put in four scoops of rice, fill the inside to the "4" mark with water. The minimum amount of rice you can prepare in the RC400 Black & Decker rice cooker is three 8-ounce servings and the maximum is seven.

Plug in the unit. Close the lid of the rice cooker and press the "COOK" button. The cooking light will come on until the COOK cycle is completed.

Wait for the rice cooker to complete its cooking of the rice. When the rice is finished, the COOK light will go out and the WARM light will come on. You do not have to make adjustments for time. There are sensors inside of the rice cooker which will automatically switch the unit to the WARM mode when the rice is done. It does not matter what kind of rice used or the number of servings made, the machine will properly detect when to shut off the cooking mode.

Open the lid, fluff the rice and serve. The rice cooker will keep the rice warm until you unplug the appliance.

Unplug the unit to turn off the warming mode.

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