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Asian rice cooker's characteristics

Jan 7, 2016

 Asian rice cooker have many advantages over other place's cooker.

Leave the rice to cook. The Asian rice cooker will stop when the rice is finished and switch to a warming mode. A light will come on to alert you that the cooker has switched to warming mode. Some models have a pop-up timer that indicates when the rice is finished.Rinse one cup of rice lightly in a strainer for a minute or two. Do not overrinse to avoid losing too many nutrients from the rice.

OKorder Asian rice cooker's characteristics

For example: Certification: ccc Function: Cooking Time Presetting, LED Display,... Material of Inner Pot: Stainless Steel Outer Pot Material: Stainless Steel Voltage (V): 220 Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Lihe Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Shape: Cylinder Housing Material: Plastic Function: Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot Accessories: Paddle Power (W): 1000 Voltage (V): 220 Brand Name: LiHe Model Number: HY40-8.New product, colorful body, different colors available.Unique touch sensor switch one-piece MD panel, blue light LCD display, 4 digital.Unique patent Shield switch design, fashion and dynamic appearance.10 in 1 Multi-functions as cooking for stew, braise, steam, rice, soup, fish, cake, sautee/brown, and unique SLOW COOK, FRY functions.Special adjustable pressure level range from high, normal and low pressure.8 protection devices, safety cooking.“U” form extra-wide slot design, easy to clean.Intelligent microcomputer control, easy cooking and needing no watcher.Multi-function, enjoy cooking for rice, soup, porridge, stew, braise, chicken etc.Non-stick aluminum alloy inner pot of high density coating, more healthy and quick thermal conductivity,

 time and energy saving 35~60%.Unique technology for 160~170 °C oil temperature, more superior frying.(For models with FRY function). 24 hours time preset and 0~90 minutes pressure keeping time make the food nutrition and delicious.New streamlined appearance design, imported PVC colorful/fingerprint resistant stainless steel shell,beautiful fashion.

Asian rice cooker's characteristics can't be listed out .Under these characterisrics,It attracts your interests without any doubt.

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