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Aroma 6 cup rice cooker

Jan 7, 2016

This is a kind of cooking rice cooker with quick speed. Aroma 6 cup rice cooker is the fastest cooking, and it usually takes about 20 minutes to prepare a meal for you .At the top of Aroma 6 cup rice cooker it can also be used for steamed vegetables. But this one is small capacity, suitable for small families. #1 Rice Cooker Brand in the US.Perfectly prepares 2 to 6 cups of cooked rice and automatically keeps it warm for hours.Steams vegetables and meat even while simultaneously cooking rice.Simple, one-touch operation switches to keep-warm mode automatically when finished.Nonstick inner cooking pot and all accessories are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.Cook an entire meal, large or small, in one easy step. This stylish, white and chrome 6-cup digital rice cooker makes rice, soup, stew, and even steams meat and vegetables! With a digital control panel, multiple functions including automatic warming, delay timer, slow cook and soup and a stylish white and chrome exterior, this appliance is the perfect addition to any busy home.Keep your rice warm and handy with this black Aroma rice cooker. You'll love updating your cookware with this convenient rice cooker that prepares up to six cups of rice with a simple, one-touch operation. And when the cooking is done, the inner cooking pot and all accessories remove for easy cleanup in the dishwasher.

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Though billed as a rice cooker, this versatile countertop appliance does so much more. Use it as a one-stop dinner prep tool by steaming vegetables and meat inside it while your rice cooks. Your cooker comes complete with everything you need to put it immediately to use, so be ready to whip up something delicious as soon as you open the box.

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