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attention matters in application of construction power tools

Dec 29, 2015

   construction power tools---Hoisting machinery

   The crane should be installed lightning protection device according to the requirements.For those who need to work at night ,we should set the light to the working surface.If the tower is higher than the 30M,we should put in a red light at the top of the tower and the end of the arm.?

OKorder attention matters in application of construction power tools

   construction power tools---Rammed earth machinery

   Rammed earth water treatment machine must be installed anti splash type leakage protector. The rated operating current should not be greater than 15mA, the rated leakage action time should be less than 0.1S.

   construction power tools---Welding machine

   The welding machine should be placed in a well ventilated place and rain. Welding site is not allowed to pile up flammable and explosive materials. The primary side power supply line of the AC arc welding machine transformer should be no more than 5M, and the protective cover must be set at the inlet line.When using welding machinery, we must wear protective equipment, the commutator of DC generator type arc welder should be regular inspection and maintenance.

   construction power tools---piling machinery

   The leakage protection device installed by the submersible drilling machine shall conform to the requirements of wet places.

   construction power tools---hand held electric tool

   General sites should be selected class II hand-held power tools, and should be installed with a rated operating current of not more than 15mA, rated leakage action time is less than 0.1S of the leakage protector. If the choice of class I hand-held power tools, must be used as a protective grounding.When operating on the metal frame, we must use the second hand power tools, and install the protection device against the leakage of electricity. It is strictly prohibited to use class I hand-held power tools.The narrow place (boiler, metal container, trench, pipe, etc.), it should be used with isolation transformer type III hand-held power tools; if the choice of class II hand-held power tools, must be installed with a splash of leakage protection. The isolated transformer or electric leakage protector is installed in the outside of the narrow place, and the work is to be monitored.

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