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What is the problem about the lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

  1,Why use the throttle when the lawn mower is working?

   When the lawn cut grass, it relies on the high-speed rotating blade to cut the grass,if the line speed is not enough, the cutting effect is not good.So,we must use the throttle and high speed when we are cutting grass.In addition,in the throttle,the carburetor and automatic speed regulating device of the lawn mower make it as a no-load,the fuel consumption is not high, only when the load, the speed will from the no-load 3400r.p.m reached 2800r.p.m. so,we needn't to save fuel with a little throttle, while grass effect is good.

OKorder What is the problem about the lawn mower?

   2,How to choose the lawn mower?

   The choice of the lawn mower should be determined by according to the size of the lawn,terrain, obstacles and how to deal with the cut grass.Topographic relief or a slight slope,it can choose from the model. There are flower beds, shrubs or grass hedgerow, please choose the type that the front wheel is a universal wheel.

   3,How to maintain the lawn mower in winter?

   When stored for more than 30 days:irst of all, releasing the fuel in the tank,and start the gasoline engine until it stops because the fuel is exhausted.Secondly,In just shut down the engine state, to drain the crankcase oil, according to the recommended level of filling the new oil to the appropriate scale; third, spark plug, cylinder drops 5-10 ml of oil, turn the crankshaft turns to, mounted on the spark plug; the fourth, cleaning dust and scrap cutter, a machine body, a cylinder body, a cylinder head heat sink, an air guide shield, a net cover and a muffler around; fifth, save.

   4,Why is the poor effect of mowing?

   It is possible to have the following reasons:Set straw bags being used for a long time without cleaning; Row of grass has not been cleaned for a long time;Excessive wear of the blade,the wing of knife can not play the effect of cutting grass;The engine is worn out,the loss of power is too large, the blade rotation speed is low, resulting in poor collection of grass.

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