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best lawn mower for small yard

Dec 29, 2015

   Do you have a garden at home? Still worrying about weeding?Now I'll introduce the best lawn mower for small yard,it will help you to solve the trouble of mowing.

OKorder best lawn mower for small yard

   Brief introduction of the best lawn mower for small yard:1, net weight: 8.8KG

2, auxiliary power: 1E40F single cylinder two stroke gasoline engine

3, displacement: 42.7CC

4, power: 1.25KW

5, joystick length: 1500 MM

6, blade: 40T alloy edged blade 40T steel edged blade

   Advantage of the best lawn mower for small yard:1 supporting power F-5A 1E40, the engine is powered by Japanese technology, strong and stable, the cylinder wall by chrome treatment, coupled with the strengthening of the crankshaft, so that the engine life is prolonged, the performance to achieve the best match.

2. The blades are made of high quality steel, the transmission part adopts advanced frequency quenching process, strong wear resistance, transmission part is connected with the gear reasonably accurate and compact, smooth operation, greatly reducing the user's maintenance costs.

3 to configure the waist parts and other protective equipment, to provide users with the comfort and security of the effective protection.

4 the harvest is clean, and the shop is in order.

. change the corresponding tool or working head, mounted on the safety protective cover, but also harvest the shrubs, grass, reeds and tea branches pruning and garden flat in the dressing.

   Benefit of the best lawn mower for small yard:

   1,The cost is low, cost recovery fast.One day can be harvested 8-10 acres, harvest clean, laying neatly, but also it can be stacked shop.

   2, only one person can operate it, the use is simple, maintenance is convenient.Power switch with protection device, if the cut object is stuck for 3 seconds, it will automatically shut down, then boot and it can work. In addition to their own harvest, it can also help others to reap.

   Application of the best lawn mower for small yard:It can be used for harvesting rice, wheat, beans, barley, reed, grass. Tea, suitable for plain, hilly, muddy fields and other land terrace.

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