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what is the best knife

Dec 29, 2015

Knives are an essential tool for the kitchen.For any housewife or cook, buying a good knife is the biggest thing.But what is the best knife?And not by using about twice Knives, you can identify that it's good or bad.Only after a period of time, you will know, so if you spend a high price to buy cheap goods,which is trouble.

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   What is the best knife?China has an old saying: "More preparation may quicken the speed in doing work".This sentence is not only to illustrate the importance of the knife to wear, but also illustrates the importance of the tool.Without a good knife, it will certainly bring great inconvenience to our kitchen work.

   What is the best knife?The type of knife is a lot ,according to the function points: machetes, knives, vegetable knife, peeler, ham knife, knife of tomato, watermelon knife, bread knife, knife, and other; according to the edge: various knives and clip steel knife; according to the material: carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel knife.

   Although every family has a basic kitchen knife, but not everyone will be the right to use.What is the best knife,which is also a common problem that has plagued consumers.The knives that you have bought is not genuine or well-known manufacturers of production,there is a big possibility of adulteration.There is also a possibility, that is, to see what you have to do with the knife,knives is to buy according to the function.we can not buy a common tool to cut the bone,otherwise it is not to be cut.Knife is not a cheap goods.Generally, the difference of price is very large,adozen dollars or even a few dollars to buy an ordinary knife, but a bit better, for example, we are very fascinated by the possibility of expensive stainless steel, no fifty or sixty is not to buy, but this is still cheap.  

   What is the best knife? we still go to buy the regular brand.There is also a point worth reminding everyone,in fact, a good knife also has the possibility of rust, such as the processing of vinegar or lemon juice, and other acidic foods, we should immediately wash with water, and then wipe dry.

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