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What is the best commercial lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

The type of commercial lawn mower is too much.But what is the best commercial lawn mower?I'll introduce some types of the best commercial lawn mower.

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   the best commercial lawn mower---direct-connected mower

   Two kinds of blade, blade and blade.Generally uses the light blade. Cutting knife transmission device is also similar to the grain harvester,offset crank connecting rod mechanism and pendulum ring mechanism. As the density of herbage growth is due to the large, moisture content is high, the average speed of knife is higher than that of corn harvester, it is generally 1.6 to 2.0 M / sec. 

   the best commercial lawn mower---reel-type relay

   The cutting speed of the cutting speed of the cutting wheel on the high speed rotary cutter blade is 60 ~ 90 m / s. Its work is stable, the operating speed of the forward speed of up to 16 km / h. Its characteristic is that the adaptability of the grass is strong, it is suitable for high yield pasture, but the cutting is not good enough.

   the best commercial lawn mower---Rotary lawn mower

   The driving device of the rotary table is located at the bottom of the cutter head, and thus is also called the driving rotary type lawn cutter. On the table of the rotary cutter, the general coordinate with 4 to 6 knives. Each cutter head is hinged with 2 ~ 6 blades, there are special nylon rope cutter articulated by centrifugal force mowing. The configuration of the cutter head is staggered, and the rotation of the blade is overlapped. The cutter head is usually driven by a gear drive, and the other is the opposite of the steering wheel. Compact structure, stable transmission, reliable. But there is a higher position in the lower part of the cutter. In order to guarantee the low cut and reduce the heavy cutting, the cutter plate usually forward tilt angle.

   All of the above types of commercial lawn mower are welcome.I hope that the introduction of the above will help you.Which one do you want?Are you ready to order? 

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