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what is pcb used for

Dec 29, 2015

What is pcb used for?For a long time, PCB buyers have always been puzzled about the color of PCB, they do not know what the color of the PCB board is the quality of. What kind of effect does the color of PCB have on its performance?

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   What is pcb used for?Firstly, PCB is used as the printed circuit board, which mainly provides the connection between the electronic components. Color and performance is not directly related to the different pigments and will not affect the electrical properties. The performance of the PCB board is good or bad is determined by the material (high Q value), wiring design and several laminates and other factors. However, in the process of washing PCB, black is the most likely to cause the color difference, if the PCB factory use of raw materials and production process a little deviation, it will cause the increase in the PCB rate of poor. This directly leads to increased production costs.

   What is pcb used for?In fact, raw material of PCB?is everywhere in our daily life, that is, the glass fiber and resin. Glass fiber and resin, hardening, into a heat insulation, insulation, and is not easy to bend the plate, which is the PCB substrate. Of course, light by glass fiber and resin bonded PCB substrate is not conductive signal, so in the PCB substrate, the manufacturer will cover a layer of copper on the surface, so the PCB substrate also can be called the copper clad substrate.

   What is pcb used for?Because black PCB circuit wire illegible will increase R & D and after-sales maintenance and debugging difficulty. If there is no general skill profound Rd (R & D) design personnel and powerful maintenance team brand, is not easily with black PCB. It can be said that the use of black PCB is a brand of RD design and post maintenance team has the confidence of the performance, from the side, but also the production of their own strength is a manifestation of self-confidence.

   What is pcb used for?Based on the above reasons, the major manufacturers in the design of PCB board for the product selection, will be carefully considered. Therefore, the formation of the large amount of the market shipments of products with red PCB, green PCB or blue PCB board, only in high-end or top flagship product to see the black PCB situation, so customers do not think black PCB better than the green PCB.


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