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Do you know what is a knife

Dec 29, 2015

   What is a knife?A short weapon with a long blade. At the same time, it can be used to cut,a cut, chop, stab tool, and also is called the dagger diet.The original form of the knife, and is very close to the tomahawk. Its shape is: short handle, eagerly, knife ridge is no decoration, the edge is longer.In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, the shape of the knife happened great changes,in the Han Dynasty, the knife gradually developed into one of the infantry weapon, also appeared many different forms of long knife.The surviving number of copper knifeis not much.  


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   What is a knife?In the primitive society,ancient humans have made a variety of shapes knife with stones, shells, animal bones.

   What is a knife?The earliest bronze sword from the stone knife, its shape is very small.At present,the earliest bronze weapon in china is a bronze knife.Bronze knife of Shang Dynasty,the knife is wide, multi blade end up, its production are as same as the stone knives.The knife is mainly used to cut objects, kill a sheep, or self-defense, has not been officially used in war.

   What is a knife?In the Qin and Han Dynasties, after the advent of iron and steel,the production process of the knife had improved.The blade is lengthened, and there are special blades and knives.Steel is not only used on the battlefield, but it is also important in the officialdom. 

   What is a knife?In the Sui and Tang Dynasties,the knife is more tough.The knife has three kinds:Instrument knife, Zhang knife, Crosses.

   maintenance:Use cotton towel cloth, flannelette or deerskin gently wipe the residual oil, dust, and then with cotton swab dipped in a little oil evenly knife blade. Three minutes after the raw cotton wipe back and forth, its purpose is to change the chemical removal of blade surface impurities and promote calcium phosphonium.If it is a day to raise the knife or accommodation spaces is more humid,it must be coated with a thin layer of rust proof oil, which can avoid to contact with air.

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