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how do you sharpen a serrated knife

Dec 29, 2015

   A lot of people have a question that how do you sharpen a serrated knife.To a certain extent, this is a very professional problem.

OKorder how do you sharpen a serrated knife

   How do you sharpen a serrated knife?What kind of blade is sharp?

   For the common tool of sharp detection, there is no uniform industry standards,we usually according to the specific performance of the cutting tool in the paper, shaving and hair cut and other aspects to determine.And from the analysis of the structure characteristics of the blade, the sharpness of the cutting edge mainly depends on the following factors.

   1, the smaller the blade angle, the higher the blade tip, the smaller the cutting resistance, the higher the sharpness, which is an important factor affecting the sharpness.

   2, the smaller the edge radius, the smaller the pressure will be, the more sharp the nature is, this is the most critical factor to make the knife sharp.

   3, when the direction of the cutting edge is the same as the cutting direction, it is easier to cut, and more sharp, and the edge lines are parallel and perpendicular to the edge of the blade. A slight saw blade, which is produced at the edge of the blade, helps to improve sharpness.

   4, the flash will greatly increase the starting resistance of the cutting edge, is an important factor affecting the sharpness, sharp edges should be no burr.

    5, strictly speaking, the edge of the blade is slightly serrated, and the teeth to the direction of cutting, cut into the pressure is smaller, the more sharp blade.

   How do you sharpen a serrated knife?What is the relationship between the tool and the sharpness?

   How do you sharpen a serrated knife?How to make the cutting edge radius the smallest?

   Five major factors that determine sharpness,the blade angle is determined in advance, micro sawtooth mainly and material, clean edges belonging to the late treatment. Therefore, it needs to be solved as soon as possible to reduce the edge radius and longitudinal edge lines of these two questions.If you want to get as much as possible small edge radius, the key is to try to postpone the blade roll (because once the volume will produce the burr and keep grinding will only expand flash, it is difficult to make cutting edge radius is further reduced) time. 

   How do you sharpen a serrated knife?

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