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what is cleaning tools

Dec 29, 2015

 What is cleaning tools?In a narrow sense, it means the daily cleaning tools and auxiliary tools with cleaning function. From a broad point of view, it will be used for all cleaning items, mainly refers to: cleaning equipment, daily cleaning tools, as well as auxiliary tools.Then I will introduce that what is a cleaning tools.

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   What is cleaning tools?What are the daily cleaning tools and auxiliary tools?

   Garbage shovel took the broom, multi purpose cleaner grocery carts, garbage dump car, umbrella stand, trash, squeezing bucket, billboard, high dust push, pushing water, cup basket, tray, floor blade, glass blade, blade, glass blowing, telescopic rod, multi purpose glass tool suite, brush, watering can, wax mop, wiper and so on.

   What is cleaning tools?---dishcloth

   It is the most commonly used cleaning tool, in the property cleaning work, the need for two kinds of cloth, that is,dishcloth and dry dishcloth. The requirements on the dishcloth, cotton texture, fluffy, soft, absorbent, its size generally is 35cmx35cm, color is light blue, light green or white,we require a wet cloth to have a clear difference with a dry cloth.

   Wet cloth in the use of the requirements to achieve the degree of wetting is: Micro wetting, and no water.Dry cloth in the use of dry, once moist to have a sense of moisture, should be replaced immediately.

   The contaminated cloth should be replaced immediately. Wet, dry cloth should be separately into the staff of two pocket, or were hold in both hands, remember not to stem, wet is not divided, the building decoration materials surface wipe the dirty.

   What is cleaning tools?---Steel ball

   Steel wire ball as a cleaning and maintenance tools in recent years, the main role is to clean the hard surface of the building decoration materials, more difficult to remove dirt. Steel ball is stainless steel cut into thin ribbons made of, a certain degree of hardness, with spring curl shaped, voids, elastic, clouds form. Steel wire ball is mainly in the removal of the building decoration material surface of cement slurry stains, dirt and dirt in the dead end of the old thick dirt and so on.

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