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What is a printed circuit board

Dec 29, 2015

 What is a printed circuit board? Printed circuit board, is a provider of electrical connection of electronic components. Its development has more than 100 years of history; what is a printed circuit board with design, its design is mainly layout design; what is a printed circuit board with advantages? The main advantage of using the circuit board is to reduce the wiring and assembly errors, improve the automation level and production rate.

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     Prior to the emergence of a printed circuit board, the interconnection between the electronic components is to rely on the direct connection of the wire to form a complete line. At present, the circuit board is only as an effective experimental tool, and the printed circuit board has become the dominant position in the electronic industry.

     What is a printed circuit board? What is a printed circuit board with history ?

     In the early twentieth Century, people began to study the way to replace wiring by printing, in order to simplify the manufacture of electronic machines, reduce the wiring between the electronic parts, reduce the cost of production and so on. In thirty years, engineers have been proposed to make the wiring of metal conductor on the insulated substrate. And the most successful is in 1925, the United States of America's Ducas Charles printed circuit patterns on the insulation of the substrate, and then in the way of electroplating, the success of the establishment of a conductor for wiring.

     Until 1936, Austrian Paul Eisler in Britain: the foil membrane technology, he in a radio device using the printed circuit board; and in Japan, Miyamoto Yoshinosuke spray attached wiring method "of ICTs leak U-shaped, method of blowing a wiring method (license No. 119384)" successfully apply for patents. And both Paul Eisler and today's printed circuit board is most similar, this kind of practice known as minus method is to do not need metal removal; and Charles Ducas, Miyamoto Yoshinosuke is only add the necessary wiring, called hydrosilylation reaction. Although this, but because of the electronic parts of the heat, the two of the substrate is difficult to use, so that there is no formal utility, but also to make the printed circuit technology further.

     With the rapid development of electronic technology, printed circuit boards are widely used in various fields, almost all of the electronic devices are included in the corresponding printed circuit board.

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