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What do you need to do if you want to buy riding lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

I plan to buy riding lawn mower,so I did a lot of preparatory work, such as: find the relevant information.So far,I have learned about its technical field, performance.

OKorder What do you need to do if you want to buy riding lawn mower

   If you want to buy riding lawn mower,you don't have to know the background of lawn mower.But,I still like to share it with you at here.Lawn mower is a common tool for garden pruning.The invention of the lawn mowing machine brings convenience to people. But the lawn mower is being pushed forward, this is very laborious, reduce the work efficiency, and lawn of grass clippings will splashes indiscriminately, the noise will make people uncomfortable,it is harmful to the human body.

   If you want to buy riding lawn mower,you have to look at its introduction:

   1, the United States is a lawn tractor TROY-BILT strong power and high efficiency cutting equipment.

2, optional high-quality top Kohler engine by the use of long life, high work efficiency, less failure, low fuel consumption, low noise, simple operation.

3, pedal control power output, with automatic cruise. Equipped with cast iron axle, is a commercial lawnmower excellent durability.

4, especially suitable for golf courses, a football field and a large area of lawn grass operation.

   If you want to buy riding lawn mower,you have to understand its technical parameters:

   Model: 13A990KS309

Engine: 20 horsepower Kohler engine (Kohler), double cylinder

Battery voltage: 12 volts heavy duty 235CC Amps

Electric drive system volume: 15 Amp

Cutter head: 42 inch double cutter side cutter head

Cutter height adjustment: 11 height adjustment

Grass cutter structure: 1.3 inch thick steel plate

Wheel: 15 inch front wheel /20 inch rear wheel

Cutter head pulley: full steel structure with heavy load bearing

Cutter wheel: durable cutter wheel

Drive: pedal type automatic continuous variable speed and automatic cruise function

Speed range: 0 to 5.2 miles an hour

Lubrication: full pressure lubrication with oil distribution filter spindle

Control system: ammeter

Front axle: Cast Iron

Combustion chamber volume: 2.75 gallons

Shipping weight: 341 kg

   If you want to buy riding lawn mower,you need to know about its safety standards:H1000E in accordance with the highest standards of safety design, features include: safety operated switch, brake stop 5 seconds safety electromagnetic knife,it is in strict accordance with the highest international safety standards.



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