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how to connect electrical wires?

Dec 29, 2015

   At the time of connecting wire, electrician  must be carefully.If the wire is not connected well, there is likely to be an accident and cause serious damage.It is a very important issue that how to connect electrical wires.When wiring, the first thing to note is the stripping skin, if the skin of line is not standardized,once the wire is connected,it is also very easy to crash!There is a need to memorize the connecting method of wire.There are a lot of method of wire connection, wire diameter, the number of wires, will change the wire connection.  

OKorder how to connect electrical wires?

   How to connect electrical wires?First connection method for electric wire. Note: there should be no joint in the home improvement, especially in the online pipe can not have a joint, if there is a joint should also be in the wire box. Usually the wire connector is such a connection, in order to ensure the electrical connection did not strike a light, short circuit, and bad contact phenomenon.

   How to connect electrical wires?Wire of the second connection (fire blanket isolation method), used for hanging in, or more high-energy project, main line can not can broke character line around the main 6-8 weeks, ceiling lamp, along the way to many lights is one such connection, with fire blanket wrapped inside, its role is to prevent the electric spark burn things. This is in the ceiling is very important. On the outside, with insulating tape winding.

   How to connect electrical wires?We use the stripping pliers or wire clamp to exploit the wire insulation insulation layer, we can also cut the hard line plastic electrician.With the electric knife cut hard plastic wire insulation layer, the electrician knife edge on the need to cut the wire and wire into a 450 angle, cut obliquely into the insulating layer and at an angle of 25 degrees tilt broaching. Finally, the insulating layer of split folding, Qi root cutting. Don't cut the cord when the insulation is cut.

   How to connect electrical wires?There are a lot of ways.For our electrician, we must be careful, careful, and is to concentrate on, so as to have a strong technology.

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