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how to design a pcb?

Dec 29, 2015

     How to design a pcb, printed circuit board design attention to what? A good performance of the instrument, in addition to the selection of high quality components, reasonable circuit, printed circuit board assembly layout and electrical direction of the correct structure design is a key issue to determine the reliability of the instrument, how to design a pcb, the same kind of circuit, due to the different components of the layout design and electrical direction of the different results, the results may be very different.

OKorder how to design a pcb?

     How to design a pcb, The following points should be considered PCB layout design.

     1. wiring direction:

     From the welding surface, the arrangement of the components as far as possible to maintain the principle of consistent with the map, the direction of the line with the direction of the circuit is consistent with the direction of the line, because the production process usually requires a variety of parameters in the welding surface detection, so it is easy to do in the production of inspection, testing and repair

     2.The components of the arrangement, distribution should be reasonable and uniform, and strive to tidy, beautiful, strict structure of the process requirements. 


     3.Resistor, diode placement: divided into flat and vertially two.

     4.IC potentiometer placed principle

     5 import terminal layout

     6.Design wiring diagram should pay attention to the arrangement order of the pins, the distance between the components should be reasonable.  

     7. Under the premise of ensuring the performance of the circuit, the design should strive to take a reasonable line, less use of cross line, and according to the requirements of the line must be fully charged to the intuitive, easy to install, height and maintenance. 


     8. wiring diagram design to minimize the bend to walk the line, simple in line.  


     9. Wiring of strip width and line spacing should be moderate, the capacitor pad spacing should be as far as possible consistent with the capacitor lead foot spacing;

     10 design should be carried out according to a certain order, such as from left to right and from the top down order.

     How to design a pcb ,Determine the size of the printed circuit board, and according to the schematic, the various components of the initial determination of the location, and then continue to adjust the layout more reasonable, so as to know how to design a pcb.

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