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how to fix lawn mower?

Dec 29, 2015

   How to fix lawn mower?---Maintenance of oil on the lawn

   Every time you need to use a lawn machine, you must check the surface of oil?to see whether the level of oil between the upper and lower scale.The new machine should be replaced oil after 5 hours,after 10 hours, the oil should be changed again.

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   How to fix lawn mower?---Maintenance of the air cleaner for a lawn machine

   Before and after every use should check the air filter is dirty,we should change and wash frequently.If too dirty will cause the engine difficult to start, black smoke, lack of power. If filter element is paper, can remove the filter element, the dust attached to the filter, if the filter is a sponge, can be used to clean the filter, the filter is suitable for oil, so that the filter to maintain a moist state, is more conducive to the adsorption of dust. 

   How to fix lawn mower?---Maintenance of the radiator of the lawn machine

   The main function of the radiator is the noise and heat.When the lawn is working,flying grass will be attached to the radiator,it will affect the heat dissipation function,if it is serious, it will cause the scuffing phenomenon. Damage to the engine, so after each use of the lawn, to carefully clean up the debris on the radiator.

   How to fix lawn mower?---The reason for the unstable operation of the lawn machine

   Throttle is at the maximum position, throttle in the open state; spark plug wire loose; water and dirt into the fuel system; air filter is too dirty; improper carburetor adjustment; engine fixed screw loose: engine crankshaft bending. Troubleshooting: cut the throttle switch: press down firmly spark frontier line; tank cleaning, re joined the clean fuel; clean air filter or replace the filter; weight adjustment of carburetor; flameout after check the engine fixing screws: correcting a crankshaft or replace shaft.

   How to fix lawn mower?---The engine can not cause the engine to stall

   The installation position of the throttle line on the engine is appropriate; the throttle line is broken; the throttle is not sensitive; the extinction line can not be contacted. Troubleshooting method: re install the throttle line; replace the new throttle line; drop a small amount of oil to the throttle active position; check or replace the fire.

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