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What are the construction power tools

Dec 29, 2015

Because of the nature of the building and other work is different, we will have a lot of hands-on opportunities, but also will need a lot of tools, I summed up some of the more commonly used tools, welcome to add oh.

OKorder  What are the construction power tools

   construction power tools---Board

   Each person has a table but no desktop, need more than equal to a piece of wood, the future work will be completed on the above, we are now using about all is 1.2m*0.8m, there is a little bit of the size of the forgotten. Minimum to be larger than A0 drawings.

   construction power tools---Ruler (recommended to buy a butterfly card), the brand is an angel of the ruler is also very good.

   T-square (many of which are 1 meter, but I personally prefer 1 m 2, in fact, enough on the line, T-square as thick as possible, no deformation, short relatively will better use) triangle (preferably two sets of pyronaridine, big small a 60cm with 30cm ruler (paper cutting, cutting boards, we all seem to be 50 cm, but the feeling of a small 20, 30cm more convenient) curve in (this at least I is not very useful, but still want to, if you want to save a little money, a few people combined a ruler, I feel are OK) parallel ruler.

   construction power tools---pen

   (a red ring, there are two choices of 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 or 0.2, 0.4, 0.6. Can also choose to use disposable, but disposable pen is more with more coarse) choose brush pen, watercolor pen, watercolor pen a, gouache watercolor, watercolor, then the teacher suggested is Langhao but I personally like clouds, gouache teacher is hard slightly pencils (from 2H to 5B are more commonly used, with general 2h-hb drafting, intermediate tex best to prepare, with relatively more, usually use the brand: Chinese, mark and)

   construction power tools---paper

   Drawing is the most commonly used, A0 size, it can also be prepared for other sizes, as much as possible. Watercolor (drawing, size about A0. Mainly used for water color performance, more expensive, after the purchase should pay attention to maintenance, the tide will affect the use of. One should not buy too much, 5 or so should be enough to use a freshman term. Watercolor and gouache on paper (using the art class) this is generally a second began to use color class, second to buy, buy to pay attention to the roughness of paper-based, avoid buying too smooth paper. Sulfuric acid paper used in the drawings of the copy. Sulfuric acid paper price is relatively high, it is recommended to replace the option to buy grass, grass drawings are rolled, the degree of transparency will be slightly worse than the sulfuric acid paper, but affordable. Copy paper (sketch with a variety of cover changes)

   construction power tools---rubber

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