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how to join electrical wires?

Dec 29, 2015

   In the decoration of the house, we will face such a problem ---how to join electrical wires?This is an easy thing for a professional electrician, but it is difficult for people who have no experience in this field. 

OKorder how to join electrical wires?

   How to join electrical wires?Straight line connection of single-strand copper wire and connection of T - shaped branch.

   (1)Straight line connection of single-strand copper wire

   First,the two thread are whittled a length of wire core,the oxide layer on the surface of the wire core is cleared, the two wire core is crossed into a X shape, and each other is twisted around 2 to 3 circles, and then a straight line is pulled.Please pull the  two straight thread close around 6 laps on each side.Then remove the remaining threads and clamp the end of the line. 

   (2)connection of T - shaped branch.

   Please split the sharpener line core with trunk line.leave the root of the branch line core about 3 ~ 5mm, and then clockwise in the trunk line on the core of 6 to 8 laps, with wire pliers cut off the wire core, the end of the clamp flat wire.

   How to join electrical wires?Connection method of conducting wire.

   The aluminum core wire should be connected with the screw bolt and press the connecting pipe.This method is suitable for the connection of aluminum core wire with small load.According to the specification of aluminum wire, select the appropriate aluminum pressure pipe. First, clean up the crimping department, two aluminum core wire relative penetration pressure to take over, the two line end extends out of the pressure over about 30 mm, and then use the crimping pliers crimping. The first pressure hole should be pressed at one side of the aluminum core end. The quality of compression?should meet the technical requirements.

   How to join electrical wires?Connection of 19 strands of copper wire.

   The method is similar to 7 strands of wire. Because of its core number more, in line connection, can go to the center of the core wire clamp pieces.

   How to join electrical wires?Restoration of electrical wire insulation.

   The insulating layer of the conducting wire is damaged by external factors, or the conducting wire is connected to ensure the safety of the electricity, and the insulation layer must be recovered.

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